How is a 3D baby carrier different?

The difference is in the built-in seat of the 3D baby carrier.

The seat base was intentionally designed wide enough, so that:

  • your baby can actually sit comfortably on it
  • the baby’s hips rest in a healthy "M position"
  • his/her legs are lifted and supported at hip level and not hanging or dangling
  • it allows a safe forward facing carrying
  • it is suitable for children from 3 months to 3 years old
  • the anti-slip guard and extra padding add to the security and the comfort

Even more - you cannot use this 3D baby carrier incorrectly. The built-in seat eliminates the possibility of carrying your baby wrong.

What is a 3D baby carrier, anyway?

In short, a 3D baby carrier is the opposite of a crotch dangler*. The built-in seat is the key feature that makes all the difference.

*crotch dangler - any front-facing carrier that allows a baby to dangle, so that their legs aren’t angled up and out at the hips.

Why we don't like the crotch-danglers?

As the name suggests, we don't like it because it dangles the baby by the crotch and we can only imagine how uncomfortable this is.

But of course, there's more to this story.

Since the early 2000s baby carriers and babywearing have become a lifestyle thing. More and more Millennium moms and dads are seeing the immense benefits it has above a bulky, clumsy stroller.

Naturally, the following question emerged - "Am I carrying my baby right?"

The baby’s hips are fragile and should be properly supported with the legs always in the M positioning to prevent the development of hip dysplasia.

But while many baby carrier manufacturers these days ensure that the baby’s legs are positioned correctly when worn with their product, they have hard times achieving this with a front-facing carry.

That's when babies dangle by their crotch.

Enter the new generation MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier.

How is a 3D baby carrier different?

Carrying your baby in the MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier feels comfortable and natural

...and we can thank the hundreds mommies and daddies who have tried our 3D baby carrier and can confirm it:

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