Miamily: Carry On Luggage & Kids' Ride On Suitcases

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MiaMily Luggage

I love the carry-on luggage! I don't have a child but I do carry around a large camera bag that hurts my back a ton. Having the pull-up seat allows me to secure the bag and just wheel it around the airport.
Liana H.


MiaMily Luggage

I just wanted to say how life changing your luggage is! Now I can travel without a stroller which is key when you have so much other stuff for a child while traveling.
Monica P.


MiaMily Luggage

This suitcase has so far exceed my expectation. The design is so simple yet elegant. Being able to put my 3 year old son on it and have him cruise through the airport is a game changer, especially at large airports where the distance to the gate is just really far.
Aleck L.


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