If you have any concerns or question on you mind, here we answer most of the questions we get.


What makes HIPSTER™ PLUS a 3D baby carrier?
HIPSTER™ PLUS is unique because it has a built-in 3D hip seat. It is ergonomically designed to minimize the cause of back pain when holding a baby. We tend to hold babies by resting baby on the side of our hips causing us to twist our spine. With HIPSTER™ PLUS your baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the seat and not your hips, which allows you to hold your baby standing straight up, protecting your back.

Why is HIPSTER™ PLUS a game changer?

The HIPSTER™ PLUS is a game changer because it’s introducing a new category in a traditional market that hasn’t seen any product evolution in the past decade. Our unique 3D hip seat absorbs the weight of your baby so you will feel significantly less pressure on your back and shoulders, this allows you to carry your baby close to you for a longer period of times effortlessly.

Another great feature of a 3D baby carrier is you can use the hip seat on its own, meaning your baby can stay close to you without feeling enclosed in. It’s perfect for taking care of house chores at home, when your baby insists on being carried, when you’re out at a friend’s house (where you don’t feel comfortable leaving your baby alone on the floor), or places that are not stroller-friendly like museums, narrow shopping aisles, or smaller restaurants.

What is the difference between the double shoulder and the single shoulder?

HIPSTER™ PLUS is super versatile because you can easily switch between hip seat, double shoulder, and single shoulder. When you use the double shoulder top, it transfers HIPSTER™ PLUS into a traditionally structured carrier, perfect for the times you need to be completely handsfree. The double shoulder straps go over each shoulder and provides a more enclosed hold on your baby. It also provides the most support for your back. In this setup, you can also discreetly nurse your baby when out in public.

When you use the single shoulder top, you have one strap over one shoulder and your HIPSTER™ PLUS is transformed into a ring sling, allowing you to carry your baby on your side and be handsfree. This carry position is more suitable for older baby around 6 months as it gives baby more freedom to look around as they are less enclosed in.

Is it easy to put on the HIPSTER™ PLUS

No confusing, long straps or intricate systems.The HIPSTER™ PLUS comes assembled so it takes literally seconds to put on. Just wrap the waist belt around your waist and put the double shoulders on your shoulder and click the back strap.

What is the age range?

Our carrier is perfect for babies from newborn up to 4 years old or 44 lbs (20 kgs). We recommend using the infant insert until your baby has strong head and neck control, usually that happens around 4 months. We recommend forward facing around 4-6 months. We recommend 6 months for single shoulder carry and 8 months for back carry. Here are our “how-to” YouTube videos

How do I know that HIPSTER™ PLUS is safe for my baby?

HIPSTER™ PLUS has been submitted and approved by global wide safety standards. The raw materials found in the PU foam insert (used in HIPSTER™ PLUS hip seat) are fire resistant and non-toxic, verified through SGS testing. SGS, is a world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

For the US/ CANADA: HIPSTER™ PLUS meets the US safety standard ASTM F2236 and CPSIA 2014, and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2014.

For EUROPE: HIPSTER™ PLUS meets the EN71-3 standard.

GLOBALLY: HIPSTER™ PLUS meets the safety standard EN13209-2:2005

Can I nurse in the carrier?

Absolutely! It’s super easy to nurse in our carrier. Here’s a YouTube video on how to do it.

Can I use the carrier when I’m pregnant?

It’s definitely possible to use the carrier when pregnant. It’s actually very helpful as it helps you support your baby’s weight and relieves the pressure on your back but since every pregnancy is different, we recommend you first consult with your doctor before you choose to carry your child beyond the first trimester.

Where are your carriers made?

Our carrier is a Swiss design, assembled responsibility in china. Our co-founder's family has been in manufacturing in China for over 30 years. All carriers are ethically manufactured and need to pass our double quality inspections. Every single carrier is inspected by our manufacturer and then again by our family office in China.

Where is HIPSTER™ PLUS sold?

HIPSTER™ PLUS is currently available on www.MiaMily.com and www.amazon.com. We have distributors in Italy, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, and Taiwan. If you live in a country where we have a local distributor, you can contact them directly on facebook (look for “MiaMily [country name]”) for retail locations.

For other distribution inquiries, please contact us at questions@miamily.com.

Do you have any user manuals?

Do you offer a discount for US Military?

We sure do! Message us to claim your discount code: US Military discount chat.


How many carry positions are there?

Did you know that you can carry your baby up to 9 different ways?! Yeah, we thought that was incredible too! Here’s a YouTube video of all the 9 ways you can carry your baby! 

How does the removable front pocket work?

HIPSTER™ PLUS carrier top incorporates a double layer to protect and keep your baby warm and cozy on a colder day but is removable for hot summer days. The mesh material underneath keeps your baby cool so that he can stay in the carrier longer, more comfortably.

How many pockets does the HIPSTER™ PLUS have?

HIPSTER™ PLUS comes with 4 pockets, a large pocket under the hip seat, a side pocket on the waist belt for your smartphone and two smaller pockets on the double shoulder

How much can I fit in the storage pocket under the hip seat?

We do not joke when we say “A LOT”! Check out this YouTube video to see for yourself.

Is it safe to forward face?

Our 3D hip seat ensures that the baby’s hips are always in the proper “M” position for healthy hip development, so it is safe to forward-face carry with our carrier. We recommend forward facing when your baby has good head and neck control which is usually around 4 months. You can test if your baby has strong head and neck control by leaning forward with your baby in the carrier facing forward. If his head falls forward and he is not able to lift his head up himself, then he is not ready for forward facing as when the head falls forward involuntarily, it could block airways.


Will my baby's legs hang or dangle when using the HIPSTER™ PLUS?

No, due to our 3D hip seat which supports your baby’s legs at hip level so it’s impossible for baby’s legs to hang in any of the 9 carry positions. We have been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip healthy product.

What is hip dysplasia?

HHip dysplasia happens when the ball of the thighbone doesn’t fit securely into the hip socket. If baby’s hips are stretched out too much, you can distort the cup-shaped socket which may cause bigger problems when baby starts to start walking.

Why is hip dysplasia considered a silent condition?

It is considered a “silent condition” because it’s not painful for a baby so it can easily go undetected until it’s too late to correct. That’s why here in Switzerland, we have mandatory hip ultrasounds for all babies when they reach 2 months of age. But not all countries have mandatory hip check-ups. So it’s always better to opt for a hip healthy carrier that supports baby’s hips.

Can a carrier cause hip dysplasia?

Absolutely not, no carrier can cause hip dysplasia if it is not already an existing condition for your baby. But correct hip positioning is a smart way to make sure your child is comfortable and developing properly.

How does HIPSTER™ PLUS provide correct hip positioning?

Terms like “M position” and “knee to knee” is misleading at it focuses on the knees and not the position of the thigh bone. The focus of proper hip positioning should be on keeping the thighs supported at hip level so the thigh bone stays inside the hip socket. Our hip seat ensures baby’s thighs are fully supported at hip level at all times in all 9 carry positions. It’s impossible to wear your baby the wrong way.  Forward facing seated position is only safe starting at 6 months old.

My baby has hip dysplasia and has to wear a hip brace, can we use your carrier?

Yes! We are happy to say that you can bond with your baby in our carrier even when your baby has to wear a hip brace. Our hip seat makes it possible for the baby to sit comfortably with a hip brace.


The shoulder straps are rubbing my arms, am I wearing it correctly?

Our carrier is designed so that it can be adjusted to fit different body types, there is no one correct way to wear as everyone has different preferences. If the shoulder straps are rubbing your arms, it might be because the back strap is too high and too tight. We recommend adjusting the back buckle between the double shoulders by loosening it a bit and lowering it towards your hips. Try also tightening your shoulder straps more so it’s nice and snug.

I’m plus size, will the HIPSTER™ PLUS fit me?

We designed our carrier so it’s fully adjustable for all body types. The waist belt can fit a waist of 130 cm. With the extender belt, it can fit up to 180 cm. We call our extender belt the “waist slimmer” as the high waist band is very flattering and doesn’t dig in, so no mommy muffin tops! If you have any further questions about the fit and/or sizing of our carriers, please email us at questions@miamily.com



Do you collaborate with influencers?

If you have an Instagram or YouTube channel and are interested in reviewing our carrier, please email your request and social media links to questions@miamily.com.

Do you need any guest bloggers?

Yes, we are always searching for bloggers to write about their personal experience with babywearing or parenting in general. We believe everyone has an interesting story to tell and we would love to help you share it with the world. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, please email questions@miamily.com with 5 blog topics that you would like to write about. Posts already published on your blog are welcome, we will be happy to link back to your blog.

I run a lending library and would love to add HIPSTER™ PLUS to our babywearing library.

We love the idea of a lending library and are happy to offer an opportunity for your members to try out our carrier. Please email questions@miamily.com with the following details: name of the lending library, location, number of members, and if you have a website or a Facebook group.

I am such a huge fan of MiaMily, do you have a brand ambassador program?

Yes, we do, please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we will start the application process for next year’s brand ambassadors.


How does the single shoulder accessory work?

We sell our single shoulder attachment as a separate accessory, and it adds 3 new carry positions (facing in, facing out and side carry)! If you have any further questions about the single shoulder attachment or any of our carrier features, here’s a how-to YouTube video.

Do I need an extender belt?

We pride ourselves on offering a carrier for all body types. The waist belt can fit a waist of 130 cm. With the extender belt, it can fit up to 180 cm. We call our extender belt the “waist slimmer” as the high waistband is very flattering and doesn’t dig in, so no mommy muffin tops! If you have any further questions about the fit and/or sizing of our carriers, please email us at questions@miamily.com.

Do I need an infant insert?

Our infant insert ensures that your baby is comfortable and supported and that their head and neck are supported while in the carrier. We recommend using the infant insert until your baby has strong head and neck control, which is usually around 4 months. It is compatible with all MiaMily 3D baby carriers. Here’s a YouTube video on how to make adjustments to find the best fit for your newborn in our infant insert.

If you have any further questions about the infant insert or any of our 3D baby carriers, please email us at questions@miamily.com.


What is my HIPSTER™ PLUS made of?

Our original HIPSTER™ PLUS carriers (including single shoulder, extender belt, travel bag) are made of stain resistant polyester and our Organic collection is made with 100% organic cotton.

What is the difference in material between the HIPSTER™ PLUS and HIPSTER™ PLUS Organic Cotton?

Our original HIPSTER™ PLUS is made of polyester which is very stain resistant, just wipe with a wet wipe to clean off any light stains while the organic cotton material is softer.

What material are my teething pads and infant insert made of?

Our teething pad and infant insert are made out of 100% cotton. The teething pads that come with our organic HIPSTER™ PLUS are made of organic cotton.

How do I clean HIPSTER™ PLUS?

HIPSTER™ is made of 100% stain resistant polyester and is machine washable. Remove seat insert prior to cleaning. Wash with cold water in gentle cycle only. Air dry only. For light cleaning, simply wipe clean with a damp towel.

How do I clean my accessories?

All MiaMily accessories (head cover, teething pads, front drool pad, infant insert, single shoulder, tote bag, travel bag) are machine washable. Cold wash, gentle cycle, and air dry.


How long does it take for delivery?

We offer free shipping to the USA and CH and 5-day express worldwide shipping for a $15 fee. All orders are processed within 24 hours, and items with free shipping take about 14 business days to arrive. We don’t ship during the weekends, so orders made during this time will be shipped first thing on the next business day. We are not responsible for any delay caused by custom controls.

I just ordered, how can I get my tracking number?

Thank you for ordering with us!

Can’t wait to try your carrier?! We can’t wait for you to get it either! Once your package has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Tracking is sent out the day after the order has been shipped. If you have any further questions, or if you do not receive a tracking number, please email your order number to questions@miamily.com and we’ll track your package for you.


What is your warranty policy?

All our carriers come with a 1-year product warranty and it covers any manufacturer defects. We are happy to provide product support and/or replacement for any defective or broken carriers. Please email questions@miamily.com with your replacement request, including a photo of the defected part, your order number, and your shipping information, so we can process your request. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or damages caused by the user.

I have a defective carrier, what can I do?

If any part of your carrier is defective, please stop using your carrier immediately. Under our 1-year warranty policy, we are happy to provide product support and/or replacement for any defective or broken carriers. Please email questions@miamily.com with your request, including a photo of the defected part, your order number, and your shipping information, so we can process your request. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or damages caused by the user.

I broke my buckle, can I buy a new buckle?

We understand that accidents happen so we offer free buckle replacements. Only the male buckle is replaceable so if your male buckle is broken, please contact us at questions@miamily.com. Depending on where you live, we might ask you to pay for the shipping of the free buckle. Unfortunately, female buckles are not replaceable as they are sewn into the carrier.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy. If for any reason, our carrier doesn’t fit your family needs and you would like to return, please send an email to questions@miamily.com with your return request, including your order number, and we will process the request. All returns must include original retail packaging, all accessories (head cover, teething pad, foldable bag) and user manual. Once we have received your return, we’ll refund 100% of the product value (return shipping back to us is not refunded).
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