Ciao! We are Alessandro and Cecilia, co-founders of MiaMily, a Swiss brand.

We are also parents of Mia and Emily, who absolutely loves to be carried and stay close to us whether we are at home in Switzerland, or traveling around the world.. As parents, we are always searching for ways to simplify our lives and to find ways to minimize any unnecessary frustrations that comes with parenting.
We are also conscious that just because we want to be good parents, it shouldn’t mean that we have to sacrifice the design and aesthetics of a solid product. Using our first hand experience with our daughter, we aim to bring you high-end, quality, ergonomic products, to provide smart solutions for smart babies.

 “We really wanted to use neutral colors, so that a
dad would feel comfortable using the HIPSTER”
Cecilia Tsai, Co Founder of MiaMily

Kickstarter Success Story

We are big fans of crowdfunding because we wouldn’t be here without it. Back in 2014, we launched our first 3D baby carrier, HIPSTER on Kickstarter and reached 270% of our target goal and with the help of nearly 600 backers from over 30 different countries, who kickstarted MiaMily from an idea to a global business in just 30 days.
Two years later, we went back on Kickstarter, to the community that supported us from the very beginning, with our 2nd generation 3D baby carrier, HIPSTER PLUS and this time around we raised almost 800% of our target goal with the support of 1100+ backers, we brought HIPSTER PLUS to the market.
The plan is to continue building our company around crowdfunding as it allows us to have an incredible personal and close relationship with our customers so we can create the best 3D baby carriers for parents around the world.
We want to thank everyone who supported us via crowdfunding. We truly would not be here without your direct support!

We are proud to announce that MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier has a pending patent registration.

Giving Back

Alessandro and I actually first met because of our shared passion in charity work. We are deeply grateful and appreciative of what we have in life so when we became new parents, we promised each other to make it a top priority to also teach our girls the importance of always helping others less fortunate.

Through our experience working and volunteering in orphanages, we’ve learned newborns are often given formula milk intended for older babies, which may cause indigestion, pain and discomfort. In some instances, contaminated dirty water is used to mix formula which can lead to illnesses, diarrhea and sometimes even death in infants. Having a young baby ourselves, we felt pulled to take action and help these young babies.

We donate a % of our profits to selected orphanages so they can source baby formula or baby necessities that are lacking from vendors near them. This is to support the local economy, so that the community can benefit as well.

The core inspiration of founding MiaMily as a company is to build an enterprise that could ‘give back’ to a charitable cause. As a result, the company is 100% dedicated to its mission to CHANGE the world, one baby, at a time.

How MiaMily helps

For every product we sell, we donate a % of our profits to orphanages around the world.
We want to CHANGE the world, one baby, at a time.

Industry Recognition and Awards

MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier Awards and Recognition

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