Infant Insert

Infant Insert

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Newborn - 4 months (Only Facing In)

Machine Washable

Material: 95% cotton and 5% spandex (inner layer) and breathable mesh (outer layer)

Compatible with all MiaMily carriers

Start wearing your baby from birth.
Just like our baby carriers, we paid special attention to baby’s hip positioning when designing our infant insert. The unique angled pillow base keeps your newborn’s hips in a natural fetal position. Our double padded back panel ensures proper support for baby’s curved spine and our thick head support ensures baby’s head and neck are protected.

Since newborns develop quite differently at the stage, we recommend using the infant insert until baby neck is strong enough to hold up his head (usually around 4 months).

  • ANGLED SEAT: Ideal for proper hip development, our angled base keeps newborn in a natural fetal position.
  • HEAD SUPPORT for newborn
  • SOFT breathable fabric
  • TWP SNAPS POSITIONS allows you to adjust the fit as your baby grow
  • SIDE LOOPS to secure to carrier breathable fabric
  • Is the infant insert machine washable? Yes! Please wash on cold gentle cycle and lay flat to air dry, do not tumble dry.
  • How long should I use the infant insert for? Each baby develops differently. We recommend using the infant insert until your baby has strong head and neck control and legs can spread comfortably while sitting on the hip seat, usually around 4 months.
  • What carry position can the infant insert be used in? The infant insert is designed only for baby facing in.
  • What are the 4 loops on the infant insert for? The top two loops secure to the top of the double shoulders to ensure head support for your baby. The side two loops secure to the bottom of the double shoulder straps to securely attach the infant insert to the carrier.